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Cafe Pho Co

One of Hanot's worst kept secrets, Café Pho Co (Secret Garden Café) is justifiably rated by those in the know I as one of the best places in town for coffee. Not visible from Hang Gai Street, it requires walking through a souvenir shop at Number 11 and along a passageway before entering a tranquil courtyard garden. Here, and on the mezzanine level above, rain-streaked walls are adorned with traditional artifacts and the owner's oil paintings, while bamboo bird cages and silk lanterns hang from above. Hanoians play chess as chickens run amok around miniscule tables and chairs. Delicate bonsai trees and small stone fish ponds cement the Asian ambience.

You will find no more perfect place to escape the relentless city buzz and try a Vietnamese institution: wickedly strong hot (ca phe) or ice coffee (ca phe da), served either with a sickly-sweet layer of condensed milk or a frothy eggnthe local take on a cappuccino all for around 50 cents.

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Update : 17-02-2017
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