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Foul play?

The accident theory does not have a leg to stand on, says Hareka's brother Laxman, who lodged an FIR following the death of the tribal leader. Laxman alleges that the FIR was drafted by the police who came to Kambivalsa on May 10 and asked him to put his signature on the document
Investigating officer S L K Prasad, sub-inspector at the Narayanpatna police station, denies the charge but Hareka's wife and OAM activists say several things point to foul play. First, the inordinate delay in submitting the post-mortem report. Although the autopsy was conducted on May 10, the report had not been filed until May 21. While the police's explanation was that the physician, Subrat Das, at the Narayanpatna hospital was overburdened with work, the doctor himself had no comments to offer. Second, the police seized the tractor which hit Narayan's motorcycle only on May 13, following pressure from OAM activists.
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Update : 14-04-2017
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